About Us

Equipment Broker Platform is for anyone and everyone in the Equipment Finance or Cash Advance industry who needs a powerful CRM system.  This industry is so in depth and can pull you in so many directions that you sometimes lose focus.  This CRM system is proven to help you make millions of dollars by cutting down time it takes to create a system. It also takes your marketing from manual to automated. It simplifies the most difficult tasks and everyday issues faced.  Its your journey but our goal is to help you reach the top!



Josh Feinberg

Josh Feinberg is the CEO & President at Everlasting Capital. He works across the company to grow Everlasting Capital by focusing on customers, partners, and vendors. Everlasting Capital Specializes in short-term working capital, and Equipment financing. Before starting Everlasting Capital in November 2012, Josh started his career in the business finance sector in 2010 as a Finance Manager at Direct Capital Corporation located in Portsmouth, NH. (recently bought out by CIT). In early 2011, he left DCC and took a remote position with Balboa Capital Corporation as Regional Sales Manager. In Mid 2011 he left that position. Shortly after, took a position as Internet Sales Manager at We Buy Stuff, a local pawn shop. Since the inception of Everlasting Capital, Josh has led the company to earn its spot on the Inc Magazine, Inc 500 list of the fastest growing companies in the United States, earn its spot on the Entrepreneur360 list as the most innovative companies in the United States, fund more than $100 Million to Small to Mid-size businesses, help ISO’s & vendors gain access to better terms, and programs for their clients!